Trial 0S-10-3

A Randomized, Phase II Clinical Trial of a Controlled Diet Prior to Selected Chemotherapy Treatment in Breast and Prostate Cancer to Evaluate the Impact on Toxicity and Efficacy.

Type: Supportive Care
Phase: Phase II
Status: Open to Accrual
Treatments: Other
Randomized: Yes
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Trial Leaders/Researchers:  David Quinn, M.D.
Other Trial Staff:  Lusine Raddatz, D.M., Grace Facio, Coordinator, Lagrimas Ilagan, D.M., Margarita Carranza, D.M., Kristy Sartor Massopust, Coordinator, America Casillas-Lopez, D.M., Ileana Aldana, D.M., Bartolo Santos, R.N., Apoorva Vishwanath, D.M., Brigitte Torres, Coordinator, Kristy Watkins, R.N.

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