Molecular and Cell Biology (MCB) Support Core

The Molecular and Cell Biology (MCB) Support Core provides:

1) Collection of, and washing and sterilization of, glassware from Cancer Center Principal Investigators' (PIs') laboratories, and return of this glassware to the PIs' laboratories.

2) Supervision and maintenance of all Cancer Center shared equipment, -including autoclaves, glassware washers, and equipment used to prepare high quality deionized, distilled water, and service contracts for heavily-used, expensive pieces of equipment, such as ultracentrifuges and liquid scintillation counters.

3) Purchasing of centralized supplies, including carbon dioxide, liquid nitrogen, and dry ice in bulk and provision of these supplies to Cancer Center PIs' laboratories, and preparation of and supply of deionized, distilled water, to Cancer Center laboratories.

4) Provision of routine maintenance of freezers, balances, microscopes, and hoods in individual laboratories through outside contractors.

5) Assessment of need for and recommendations for purchases of, new shared equipment or services.

The Core provides services for Cancer Center PIs in the Ezralow Tower, the Norris Topping Tower, the Harlyne Norris Research Tower, and the Cancer Research Laboratory of the Cancer Center and for a few Cancer Center PIs housed in the Hoffman Building and the Pharmaceutical Science Center, all at the Health Sciences Campus, and for Cancer Center PIs at the Smith Tower at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. The MCB Core is supervised by Joseph R. Landolph, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology and a Member of the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center. Five Glassware Technicians – Sylvia Villareal, Maria Marin De Los Angeles, Maria De La Torre, and Sondra De La Paz Wills (all at the HSC) and Anna Palma (at CHLA) - assist in collecting, washing, sterilizing, and returning the glassware of all Cancer Center PIs. Services are managed on a daily basis by Mr. Alfred Ascencio at the Health Sciences Campus, and at the Smith Research Tower of Children's Hospital Los Angeles by Dr. Ambrose Jong, under the overall supervision of Dr. Joseph R. Landolph, Jr.

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