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We offer this online system to streamline the process of service requests.
Please fill out the following information about you required service as much as you can. You will receive a notification after submission.

The order of priority for PRC usage is as follows: 1) NCI grant submissions; 2) other cancer-focused peer-reviewed grant submissions; 3) clinical protocol design and review; 4) data analysis and manuscript preparation; and 5) abstracts for conferences.

Once the project is registered in the system, the PRC Project Manager, Marlene Caldera will schedule a meeting with you to briefly discuss the project. After the initial meeting, Dr.Cockburn will prioritize the project according to PRC SOPs and triage the project to PRC members with matching expertise.

For hourly rate information, please refer to our cores Policies

Additional help When filling out the request form, if you encounter any technical questions not addressed on this page, please contact Sapna.Gupta@med.usc.edu

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